Hipshot Import Ultralite HB6Y-3/8 2+3 Satin Chrome Колки

Код: 517-652
Артикул: HB6Y-3/8
під замовлення: В наявності
Ціна:  3 190 грн.


HIPSHOT Licensed Import Ultralite Bass Tuners HB6Y-3/8, Satin Chrome. Set of 2 bass-side tuners, and 3 treble-side tuners. Bushings and Screws included.

An unbalanced instrument due to an unnecessarily heavy headstock not only puts extra strain on your neck and shoulder muscles, it also adversely affects your playing technique. If your left hand in constantly propping up your instrument’s neck, you’re not free to play. You are not able to attain the correct finger/fret board relationship so important in smooth, relaxed playing. Hipshot designed the ULTRALITE Bass Tuning Machines to help lighten your load. Now you can achieve correct instrument balance while not sacrificing the strength and durability of your tuners.

  • Cast Aluminum Zinc Alloy
  • Small footprint easily installs on 4, 5, and 6 string headstocks
  • 20:1 gear ratio for super quick and accurate tuning
  • 3/8" string post fits 9/16" headstock holes
  • 2 Bass-side tuners, 3 Treble-side tuner
  • Tuners are NOT reversible


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